DISCLAIMER: Most of this site was slapped together in mad moments of inspiration whilst traveling in the USA in 2011, which these days is a lifetime ago. Whilst Jimmy is still the honorary Acting President of the United States of Intoxication, he’d like it to be known that he’s no longer such a drug-fiend or booze-hound. It’s no good for your health, he says. And if you see him, please don’t offer him drugs, He’s still a bit of a fiend-hound, and sometimes can’t help his-self.

— — —

Welcome to Jimmy Stewart’s Wonderful Life! It’s a wondrous place to be!

Jimmy Stewart (the living musician hailing from Colbinabbin in rural Victoria) received an award at Grade 4 camp for “Being Here And There And Everywhere”. Jimmy has a wonderful life.

And Jimmy Stewart (the dead actor from Indiana, Pennsylvania) did a great job acting in all those movies and just being an all-round nice guy. Jimmy had a wonderful life. He also did a pretty amazing job in the film “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Coincidence/s? Maybe…

But anyways, that’s what Jimmy does.

That’s what I do. And my name’s Jimmy Stewart. Born: 1980. Still alive in 2011. 30 years on Planet Earth as far as I can tell. Born in Melbourne, booted/chased out for vagrancy and an unpaid gambling debt at the age of 14 months and took my concerned and fretful parents back to the farm for the country air and the simple country life. For 17 years I did my best impersonation of a farmer’s son. To no avail. I’m a bit of a farmer’s bum, really. Tried to hang tough, but just made one big mess after another! I’m sorry I put diesel in the petrol tank! I’m sorry I burnt the haystack down! I’m sorry I ran over the dog in the ute! I’m fkn SORRY, OK??!! I just didn’t care enough to pay attention. I guess I kicked a few goals… but by heck, I kicked a fukn shitload of points too! Sheesh. Moved back to Melbourne in 1999 to “get away from it all”, drawn like a moth to a bright light hoping to touch the stone and worship at the altar. Had to see what all the fuckin fuss was about. Still wailing away 12 or 13 years later. Showing no signs of stopping… still trying desperately to “get away from it all”!!!

I’m a musician, entertainer, gig-promoter, party DJ, venue booker, solo artiste, band leader, frontman, guitarist gun for hire, teacher (lessons on Wednesdays, guys and dolls… email me for an appointment), stage-actor, composer, lyricist, writer, nostalgist, museum curator, paint-splasher, songwriter, bartender, furniture-mover, touch-typist, ex-country football star (in the Mighty Shirt Tearer Magoo’s, mind you!), regular wanker, bloody retard, and an incredible spazmotron. I am also a human bean, and a fan of whizpoppers, Roald Dahl for more reasons than one, and I’ve had an ongoing, ever-developing battle with the frobscottle since I was about 15 years young.

Check out these out-of-date websites for the bands I started: CLINKERFIELD (for all your drunken pirate convict rockenroll needs since 2002) and THE MISERABLE LITTLE BASTARDS (depression era show tunes for the new global recession and an emancipation procession against emotional oppression since 2008). Both these bands are still fully dysfunctional and totally operational, despite reports I’ve heard that Clinkerfield actually DIED…!!

Clinkerfield’s new album “A Heart Full Of Ice & A Gut Full Of Rubble” (following on from 2008’s “A Head Full Of Rain & A Heart Full Of Puddles“) is recorded and WILL be released one day, probably when you least expect it. We’re also writing for a new album that may or may not be called “Parodies Of Paradise“. Anyways, at this point in time there ain’t enough hours in the day or money on the tree to finish it all. Wait up, yo. We’re currently planting more trees, and winding back the clock, holding back the years, turning back time…

And that’s where The Miserable Little Bastards step in. An old-fashioned throwback for the modern-day fallout. The MLB’s debut album “Misery Loves Company” dropped in 2011. It’s still finding favour.

In the meantime, see if you can’t track down the talented and lovely bastards whom I’ve been fortunate enough to play, work, live and dream with: Matt Quinn, Andrew Alves, Warwick Dunn, Greg Field, Danny Walsh, Jason Bunn, John Dickson, Lucas Barbuto, Ash Christensen, John Fredericks, Carolyn Gannel, Dan Tout, Justin Rudge, Finn Keane, Steph Tout, Tracey Kemp… the list goes on and I could go on but I can’t really right now. Maybe later. If you see any of them, hug them. Buy them beer. You should do that anyways, just in case it’s them. Could be someone else too, y’know.

And I’m generally always up for hugs and beer too, and now I have a mthrfrkn BLOG! Cyberhug! Sike! Watch out, world, cyberspace, outerspace. I feel whirled powerful!!!!

Email me at mercial_booker (at symbol) hotmail (dot) com — — — — I fkn love email! I reckon it’s the way forward.

cheers, love, respect, and with the kindest of kindergarten retards,

Jimmy “THEE MLB” Stewart, NYC 9 June 2011.


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  1. Jessica Tremp June 16, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

    Aye! x

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